My Services


I have helped many people like you to make changes they wanted. They learn to trust themselves and get what they need in their life. I see adults and older teens (14 and up). I help individuals find solutions to stress, anxiety, depression and everyday life problems. I encourage people to be an active participant in their healing process. When you feel safe to be yourself, and share your story. When you feel understood and accepted you begin to heal.


Our relationships can be a source of great happiness, or the most intense feelings of pain. Many people have a chronic negative cycle that they don't seem to be able to stop by themselves. Ignored problems don't go away, they just get bigger. You have the same argument over, and over, and kindness and loving feelings are replaced by feeling frustrated, and unappreciated. Connection with the other person is lost. You can change a relationship when you change yourself, because when one person changes the other person has no choice but to change in response. I help people stop fighting an get back to closeness and appreciation.