How can therapy help?

Common reasons to use therapy are; personal growth, help with stress, transitions, or chronic and serious problems. The focus is understanding yourself better so you can make positive choices, or acquire skills, ie. communication and effective management of conflict with the people in your life.

What if i don't know what I want to accomplish?

Many people start therapy without a clear idea of what they want. We can work together to help you figure out the direction that is best for you.

How often do we meet?

Especially in the beginning, appointments are scheduled on a weekly basis for continuity, consistency, and the most effective outcome. It is important for us to establish a good relationship, and there is a lot about you I will need to know in order to help you.

What happens when we meet?

In the first session, I go over my papewrwork and policies. Then I will gather information about what brought you, and your goals. This information, will help me begin to determine how I can help you. After that we will continue to meet and I will ask questions or share information with you. I'm always adapting my approach to your feedback, even if your needs and goals change over time.

Is my information private?

I do not talk about you to anyone. I need your written permission to give out information to whoever you want me to, even family members.

What about Fees?

I accept many insurance plans for payment, and I have also been able to adjust my fee to your individual needs.

How long does therapy take?

We will evaluate your situation after a few sessions so we will know if we are going in the right direction. We will discuss our progress as we go along, and we can decide when we feel therapy is finished. You're always welcome to come back for a refresher meeting.